Pilates is a full-body conditioning program developed by Joseph Pilates over a period of 40 years, begining in the 1920's.  It is designed to strengthen the core musculature as it lengthens the body.  This dual emphasis leads to longer, leaner, more flexible, better toned and more evenly developed physique.

Starting out?  We highly recommend reaching out to request a Pilates private.  You can stay with private programming or transition to classes based on your goals and needs.  

At our studio you can take a class an equipment class that employs spring-based resistance or just roll out a Mat for a full body physical practice.  Looking for a class "level?"  We teach our classes in progressions, so each class can have multiple options of movements for your body's needs that day.


Pilates Personalized programs











4 Sessions | $140


Pilates Classes

Virtual Pilates

30 Minute | $7.50

50 Minute | $12.50

(limited classes) 

Pilates Mat

Drop in | *$20 

Registered |  $80

(limited classes)

Registered Classes receive priority bookings.  

*Drop-ins limited to remaining openings and are booked by email info@coremovement.ca.

Pilates Equipment

Drop in | *$25

Registered | $100

Important information

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for any booking change or cancellation.

Rates do not include GST and are subject to change without notice.  No package transfers.

Our studio offers a progression teaching to accommodate all levels, email for class recommendations.  Registered classes follow a monthly commitment, reserving your preferred spot to a set time and class weekly.  Studio closures are discounted accordingly.  Inquire for flexibility options or for more information info@coremovement.ca