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Manual Osteopathic therapy Integrated Private

Manual Osteopathic Therapy (MOT) is non-invasive holistic manual therapy that focuses on the whole body.  Techniques include stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.  MOT aims to return the body to normal health so it can self heal and self regulate.  YOU are at the forefront of your health, and each session is unique to YOUR BODY. 


The techniques used in MOT focus on improving joint, muscle and spine health to positively affect your nervous, circulatory and lymphatic system.  The beauty of this approach is having multiple modalities working together, helping to find the driver rather than chasing symptoms. 

  4 Primary Modalities used in treatments:

 Bone and Joint Alignment

 Soft Tissue Treatment (Fascial)

 Craniosacral Therapy

  Visceral Treatment (Organs)


What is unique to your experience at Core Movement is what Janine McNerney brings to the table.  Her extensive background in movement is at the forefront of all treatments.  Sessions can be inclusive of Pilates Movement Integration for enhanced movement education and self care.  

Shoulder Treatment

Manual Osteopathic Therapy Services 


$120 +tax

45 Minute 

$90 +tax

60 minute

$120 +tax

Important information

Please check YOUR coverage includes CMMOTA (our association).  

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