Wellness through movement

Our boutique studio is fully equipped with specifically designed Pilates equipment so you get proper feedback and form along with our teacher’s cues and observations. We create an environment that provides small group programs and quality private instruction utilizing specifically designed Pilates equipment that promotes proper alignment, muscular balance along with core strength.


We consistently hear our students saying how empowered they are through Pilates. They feel healthier, they learn how to work with their body instead of against it and they find pain management strategies and even healing! So many that come through the door of our studio say how their day goes better because they’ve connected with others and their own body! Core Movement is a safe place that creates body awareness and helps facilitate each person to walk out feeling better about themselves through movement. We believe that Pilates helps you to feel more comfortable in your body. Our vision is to create a healthier community of thriving individuals by strengthening you to feel stronger and more alive!


Come join us and be inspired by how amazing your body is! We want to help you redefine movement and be inspired to build your body up! Come connect with our small groups and quality instruction in our caring atmosphere that allows you to begin to thrive!